January 25, 2013

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This is a good way to start a business. I highly recommend "Kickstarter".

Jane Steele,MA more than 1 year ago

It was a dream

I am so proud, and happy for you both. You worked side by side to make your dream come true. Can't wait to come up to visit. Much Love!

Aunt Roberta more than 1 year ago

Great News about the Coffee Shop!

Dear Leon and Areli,
My wife, Kathy Flores, and I met you at the Katz Sanchez wedding and had the opportunity to enjoy your coffee via bikeCOFFEE. Congratulations on opening up Cocoa Cinnamon! Even though we live in California, we hope one day to have the opportunity to visit your coffee shop.
Juan and Kathy Flores

Juan Flores more than 1 year ago


Two of the sweetest people I know. Glad to finally have a coffee shop around the corner, serving thoughtful coffee, where I can feel like I am with friends...oh, and actually be with friends too.

Ben Filippo more than 2 years ago

I'm smiling

Leon & Areli,
This is great, but not surprising. I really hope I can get to Durham to see you.

Sean more than 2 years ago


the shop in Cherokee can vouch for these 2 wonderful people. don't know if it was the drinks, desserts, or company that was best - sure miss that

jeanne wachacha more than 2 years ago

shop design

Thank you so much Melissa for coming by and writing this thoughtful piece. I would like to add that so much of the design and just rightness that we are feeling in the space came from working closely with our designer and artist friend David Soloe (, Al Frega and a team of amazing local artists....we have a list here at the shop and will be adding to our site soon. We are very gratefule for them.L

Leon Grodski de Barrera more than 2 years ago

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