February 8, 2013

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Unfortunately, this chancellor will not survive at NCCU with her leadership style. I have never heard of a university faced with more adversity in the first 6 months of new leadership. Legal battles, unethical personnel practices, promoting, using resources for personal benifit, or placing friends or people "she likes" in positions! She has not been there a year and has caused a big mess. Alumni and others were right when they concluded that she was not fit to lead and lacks academic classroom experience, HBCU experience, and ethics. It is clear that the leadership is more concerened about a photo op, Tweeting, taking selfies for instagram, or some PR slogan than making competant decisions. She is not competent. Nccu will lose more support and money to bad publicity, decisions and legal issues initiated by Debra Sanders-White. This is not eagle excellence. It is eagle excrement! Big mistake. I should not hear about tension on campus and wrongfully dismissed employees on the street. And I am not talking about the publicized dismissals such as coach Frasier. I know of countless hard working physical plant and grounds workers who have been "let go" under this new leadership. If nothing changes, dear ol ncc will be the next HBCU to fade away.

Ron 211 days ago

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