February 6, 2013

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Pairs, Rome, Durham?

HA! I just returned from Los Angeles, apparently the city who is supposed to have everything. While I admit they have some things we don't, they can't begin to compete on the sheer liveability, fun and precious people that live here in Durham. I have lived all over the world, and made Durham home over 20 years ago. We are a unique blend and moreover it feels like there is still the small village feel of people being innovative, creative and caring. What we are missing that Los Angeles has is freeways, smog, dirt and fashion-obsessed skinny people. I actually like Los Angeles but not to call home! Thank you to all the movers and shakers, native Durhamites and transplants who have made Durham so cool!

Kathleen Miller more than 1 year ago

Dear Durham

Thank you for providing me with a town I am VERY proud to call home.

Much Love!

John Charles Lindsey more than 1 year ago

Why I love Durham

Being a native of Durham and living here most of my life except for college i have watched Durham grow into a wonderfully cultural diverse community. The best thing is the people who have moved here to share their many talents that they have brought with them. Serving on Durham Interfaith Hospitlaity Network board serving homeless families and serving on Reality Ministries board serving our cities youth with tutoring and educational services i have witness a most generous community willing to rollup their sleeves to serve our fellow brother and sisters. We are the destination of the triangle and i feel blessed to live here. Give a hug and a smile on Valentines Day to your fellow Durham neighbors.

Stephen Griffin more than 1 year ago

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