January 15, 2013

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I recommend to all of you site for a cheap yet good quality clothing. Through this kind of site you can save a lot of money and energy as well.

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Jhennifer Hudson more than 1 year ago

Kangaroo Pouch

Have you tried the Kangaroo Pouch on Guess Road? It's been awhile since I shopped there but it might be worth checking out...

Teresa more than 1 year ago

Baby Bear

I have shopped at most of these places, and Baby Bear is definitely my favorite! The prices are very reasonable, and with the sales they are unbeatable. It is small, but bigger isn't always better. This little place is awesome. My first visit I was overwhelmed, but I asked the owner about how things were organized and it all makes sense. She recently hired her daughter-in-law(?) to help her out. Its nice to have a young persons perspective because us moms don't always know what the kids like, ha! My kids love going there to play in the kitchen, and its always hard getting them to come home with me. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!!

Ashley more than 1 year ago

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