January 10, 2013

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Never Lost a Step

A short time ago, when Magnolia grill announced they were closing I felt a sense of loss. It had been a proud member; quit possibly the leading member of the Durham food scene. I worried we had lost our power hitter. It’s great to know that not only didn’t we lose a step but it appears we are stronger than ever. The pedigree of the talent that calls Durham home is second to no other city with a day’s drive . Growing up in New York and spending my weekends eating in Manhattan gives a person a good food perspective. Our Durham is not a northern city and doesn’t want to be. It is a multi-cultural, openly opinionated city that is enjoying a renaissance. The new members of the Durham food scene look up to the established member and hope to part of the establishment one day. I’m proud to part of the process and hope to part of the establishment one day soon
Sean Shea ,Owner 604 West Village

Sean Shea more than 2 years ago

A Tasty Town

Bea and I are Florists in this town, Floral Dimensions at Academy Court. We're open seven days a week and out of the need "to have a life" beyond work, we frequently "eat out", and enjoy the night life as a couple or with friends and colleagues. We like tasty food and style, so DURHAM and Chapel Hill have become our towns for eating out. Coming from the Philadelphia, PA metro, a great dining city, we have now been living, working and raising two children here since 1982. We've come to grow and appreciate the changes that are now excellerating, making this more OUR TOWN for living, FOOD and entertainment.

Jon Miller more than 2 years ago

Durham Pride

So happy to hear of the acknowledgement of Durham's long-standing excitement in the Durham food industry. The efforts of farmers, bakers, and other sources of original food resources have brought a close and fertile environment for the restaurants, food trucks and other entrepreneurs. I hope those who have an old and poor image of Durham will use this as a reason to come visit and see the results of the downtown Durham revitalization as well as all the great food and fun to be had here. I have lived and worked here for over 20 years now and am delighted with the growth and changes.

Kathleen Miller more than 2 years ago

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