January 3, 2013

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NAMI links fixed

Sorry about that. Thanks, Mark, for bringing it to our attention. I'll send out the correct links on Facebook and Twitter.

Matt more than 2 years ago

Well needed funding

Thanks Mr. Ferguson for the incredible generosity in supporting such a underserved population. Wonderful event, delicious food and a community reach out to help all because you care.

Denise Santeramo more than 2 years ago

Web link to NAMI broken?

The link at the end of the article appears to go to the site but gives error page that says, "I do not know ewhserver406 " instead.
Hope you get that fixed ASAP so more folks can easily go there and donate even more. The event and the food were outstanding. Can't wait to eat there again.

Mark Daughtridge more than 2 years ago

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